Bach Thanh Ceramic Co.

The precursor of Bach Thanh Ceramic Co., Ltd is Hung Lee Ceramic Co., Ltd, which belongs to Juliet International Group

June 11th, 2007 Hung Lee Ceramic Co., Ltd was transferred from Juliet International Group to Gia Phu Hoi Group and It was renamed to Bach Thanh Ceramic Co., Ltd.

Bach Thanh Ceramic Co., Ltd, located at Road No.3, Nhon Trach 1 Industrial Zone, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam, is one of the manufacturing and trading companies of high quality ceramic tiles in Vietnam and international market. With a capacity of over 13.000.000 m2/year, our company is producing many high quality types of floor and wall tiles with specifications: 20x25 (cm), 30x30 (cm), 40x40 (cm), 50x50 (cm), 60x60(cm), 25x40 (cm), 30x60, known as BATALIA, KING MINH, QUOCERA. Our products always satisfy the tastes of consumers by the variety of designs, colors, sizes and quality assurance in accordance with European standards.

With the motto "Easthetic & Quality"

With the motto "Easthetic & Quality", We keep innovating and investing modern equipments and machinery in order to creat new products with nice design, high quality to meet the diverse needs of customers.