10 Tips for Choosing Tiles and Buying Tiles?

Below are our general tips for choosing tiles for your home. For more specific advice, why not also read our choosing a bathroom tile and choosing a kitchen tile articles.

1. Light colours

Choose light colours to make a small/dark room feel bigger and brighter.

2. Be adventurous!

However, don’t be afraid of colour, which can also create some unique effects and environments in your home. Personal preference is the key.

3. Don't compromise

See tiles as an investment, not a cost; never compromise on quality, which can still be picked up at great prices.

4. Plan ahead

Always purchase an additional 5-10% more tiles than you actually need. This allows you (or the tiler) to compensate for cuts and breakages and ensures you have the same batch/shade should you have needed additional tiles. Most companies will offer a refund on unused boxes of tiles.

5. Blend in those grout lines

Choose a tile grout colour that compliments your tiles to help blend in grout lines.

6. Bigger is not always better

If your wall or floor will require a lot of tile cuts (i.e. around fixtures/fittings), choose smaller tiles to give a better flow.

7. Use borders and decors

Add extra interest by breaking up your wall tiling with border tiles and decors.

8. Check the suitability

Need floor tiles? Make sure you check that the floor tile wear rating (PEI rating) is suitable for your intended area/use.

A similar question you may need to ask is do you need ceramic or porcelain tiles? Porcelain tiles are suitable for outdoors and domestic floors where heavy traffic/abrasion is anticipated. Click the link above for more details.

9. Maintenance - get the right advice

If you are purchasing natural stone tiles (i.e. travertine, marble, slate), make sure you get the right advice for sealing and treating the tiles before and after fixing.

10. Don't be afraid to ask for advice

Don’t be afraid to ask sales assistants for advice; they will be fully trained to answer all your queries and may bring to your attention things you may not have otherwise considered.

10 Reasons Why to Choose Tiles for Your Home?

At The Bach Thanh Ceramic Tile Com., ltd, we can name many reasons why you should choose tiles for your home. Here are our top 10...
1. Hygiene
Tiles are hygienic; they don’t attract dirt or give off odours, and are very easy to clean.Tile grouts are also available with anti-bacterial properties.
2. Non-allergenic
Good news for asthma and allergy sufferers - tiles don’t harbour dust or mites.
3. Hard wearing
Tiles don’t fade and are very hard wearing, making them last much longer (years!) than carpets and paint.
4. Fresh
Tiles give a room a ‘fresh’ feeling.
5. Versatile
Every room in the house can benefit from tiles…even outdoor patios and stairs!
6. Water resistant
Tiles can withstand water damage, making them ideal for shower and wet room areas.
7. Added value
Tiles can add value and extra appeal to your home.
8. Comfort
Floor tiles are comfortable on your feet and aren’t cold to walk on; tiles actually absorb and retain heat.
9. Efficient heating
Nevertheless, many people choose to install undertile heating systems; they offer a more cost efficient and effective way of warming any room (compared to standard radiators) and the purchase cost is surprisingly low.
10. Inexpensive
Tiles don't have to be expensive. In general, tiles are no more expensive than paints, carpets and wood. In fact, the life-span of a tile can make them much cheaper over the long term.

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